How To Make The Perfect Christmas Haig Club Blue Totty

How To Make The Perfect Christmas Haig Club Blue Totty

One of the signs that you are entering the Christmas Party season is when the first drink that someone buys you when you arrive into the pub is a lovely Hot Totty made from Whisky with boiling hot water, a slice of lemon with some cloves and sugar to taste.
A Blue Totty is a warm welcoming drink that lets you take off your hat, scarf and gloves, shake off the frosty December night outside and settle into a night of fun and chat with your friends.

The Hot Totty has long been a part of Christmas tradition in Scotland. They are generally best made with entry level One Pooka whiskies such as Haig Club, Paddy, Powers or Jameson Irish Whiskey or Black and White Scotch. Many of these whisky based hot totties have been given their own pet names by their fans so what better name for a Hot Totty made from Haig Club Whisky than a Blue Totty!

To Make a Haig Club Blue Totty You’ll Need the Following

Haig Club Blue Totty - Haig Club Scotch Whisky Recipe

  • A Bottle of Haig Club Single Grain Scotch Whisky (One dram per glass)
  • A Lemon (half slice per glass)
  • Some Cloves (4 or 5 per glass)
  • Sugar (To taste)
  • A kettle
  • Nice heavy whisky tumblers or coffee mugs
  • A metal tea spoon per glass

Directions to make a Haig Club Blue Totty

Here’s what you do!

  1. Slice a lemon into 4 or 5 thick slices and then cut each slice in two.
  2. Stick 4 or 5 cloves into each half lemon slice. The lemon slices should be thick enough so that the clove does not protrude through the other side of the slice
  3. Boil the kettle and let it stand for a minute.
  4. Place a lemon and clove slice and sugar (to taste) into each glass and place the teaspoon in the glass.
  5. Fill the glass to two thirds full with water from the boiled kettle and stir to dissolve the sugar. Give each lemon slice a pinch with the spoon at the same time to allow a few drops of lemon juice to infuse in the water along with the cloves and sugar.
  6. Finally add in the measure of Haig Club and gently stir to make the perfect Blue Totty.

How To Make The Perfect Christmas Haig Club Blue Totty

Some important points to note!

Always add the Haig Club whisky last. If you add it first, the sugar won’t dissolve and the lemon and cloves won’t infuse the drink as the whisky will have cooled the boiling water.

Always leave a metal teaspoon in the glass as it absorbs some of the heat shock from the boiling water and will prevent the boiling water from cracking the whisky glass. This is another reason why I would always recommend using a heavy whisky tumbler rather than a light wine or brandy glass which may crack as you add the boiled water. And, of course, mind your hands with the hot glass!

You can also use a coffee mug, but I’d recommend that you pre-warm each mug with some boiling water before pouring the water for the Blue Totty as the mass of the mug will take the heat out of the Blue Totty if you make it in a cold mug.

Have you tried your first Blue Totty of the season yet? Comment below and let me know!

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