How Old Is Your Haig Whisky? Expert Guide to Aging Haig Whisky

How Old Is Your Haig Whisky? Expert Guide to Aging Haig Whisky

Much of the mail that I receive here at is related to people from all over the world who have found or been bequeathed an old bottle of Haig Whisky and Haig Dimple and Haig Pinch in particular.

When you remember that up to about 40 years ago, Haig Whisky was one of the most popular Scotch whiskies in the world it goes some way to explaining why so many bottles of Haig were given as special presents or gifts for significant birthdays or family events. It was probably their sentimental value that prevented them from being opened and consumed. You must also remember that we now live in a consumer age where no one thinks twice about ordering a bottle or two of Scotch Whisky online or buying Scotch in your local store. But 40 to 100 years ago, a bottle of Scotch was a once a year purchase and quite unusual and special for the average family. This, I believe is why so many old bottles have still survived unopened.

As you may have noticed from my own blog articles, I’m a firm believer that whisky is there to be drunk rather than stored. My advice always is that if you find yourself in possession of a very special bottle of whisky drink it over a year or so on special occasions and then keep the empty bottle as a nice reminder of the original gift and story and also the special occasions when you drank really special whisky.

Is Old Haig Whisky Safe to Drink?

I’m afraid that I can’t answer that as there are so many variables. Contrary to popular belief, Whisky (unlike wine) does not age in the bottle. Whisky bottles should be stored vertically in order to minimize loss of spirit through seepage or evaporation. Once the seal has been broken and the cork or cap opened, you never have as good a seal again. Part used bottles also have more of the whisky in contact with air which leads to increased evaporation and also oxidisation which will give the whisky a bitter or often metallic taste. Bottles of whisky stored unopened for more than 15 years do deteriorate in quality. Are they safe to drink? Probably yes, but they may not taste nice. The risk is yours. Also beware that whisky bottles left in old attics or cellars may have been subject to contamination by mice, rate  etc. which could pose a significant health hazard. As always, use your own common sense.

How Much is Your Bottle of Haig Whisky Worth?

This is the question I am most asked and 9 times out of 10, I’m afraid the results are disappointing. A bottle of 1940’s Haig Dimple or Pinch with good provenance and with bottle, contents and packaging in good condition may fetch £200 in from a dealer. But! the dealer will only offer you £50 to £80. add in shipping costs and your time and …. Well, no one (usually) gets rich from old bottles of Haig Whisky.Empty bottles and pewter decanters will generally make from £10 to £50.

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How Old is Your Bottle of Haig Whisky?

Having said all that, I’ve decided to spend some time developing a simple user guide to working out how old your old bottle of Haig Whisky might be. I’ll edit and refine this article over the next few months and would also welcome feedback from other Scotch and Haig experts using the comments feature below. You can also check out the infographic below to get an idea of how old your Haig whisky bottle is. Here goes!

How old is your Haig Whisky Infographic
How old is your Haig Whisky (Infographic)

What Kind of Haig Whisky have you got?

Generally speaking there are three types of Haig Whisky. Haig Gold Blended Whisky is in a normal shaped bottle whereas Haig Dimple and it’s American Market sister Haig Pinch are in the three sided bottles with dimples or dents in each of the three faces.

Guide to Aging Haig

Below you’ll see some of the elements of different Haig bottles that can be used to help give a better idea of the age of your Haig bottle. This guide to aging Haig Whisky isn’t definitive but should serve as a good starting point for you and will be added to in time.

  • The Royal Coat of Arms – All bottles of Haig will carry a representation of the British Royal Family Coat of Arms and will mention the King or Queen reigning at time of bottling. This will give you a general idea of the age.
  • The Foil Cap – Foil Caps were in Gold after 1957. Before then they were generally in white but also occasionally in black, brown, silver and gold. Bottles from 1943 to 1946 had no foil caps because all aluminium was required for the war effort and even after the war, the new foil caps were shorter than before.
  • Metal Twist caps – Metal Twist Caps were introduced to Haig Gold bottles in the 1960’s and were replaced with plastic caps in the 1970’s.
  • Spring Cap – The famous spring cap associated with Haig Dimple (first made in 1897) was introduced in the 1920’s.
  • Stamped/Molded Bottle – If the bottle has “Dimple” or “Pinch” stamped or molded into the glass of the bottle than it was bottled before 1954.
  • If the label has both Edinburgh and Markinch mentioned then you may have an unusual bottle! Haig Whisky became a Limited company in 1894 with registered offices in Edinburgh. With expansion of the Markinch production facility after World War 2, the registered offices were moved there in 1952 and thereafter, bottles carried just Markinch on the label. Haig Whisky bottled during the transition period during the build of the new HQ between 1950 and late 1952 carried both place names.
  • And finally, if you bottle comes with a box, it probably dates from after the late 1920 as prior to this Haig Whisky bottles were shipped in straw packed wooden boxes.

How Old Is Your Haig Whisky? Expert Guide to Aging Haig

Hopefully, that’s enough to keep you all going and give you a better idea of the age of your bottle of Haig! I’ll add more info to this blog article as I think of it so it becomes a one stop shop for the question “How old is my old bottle of Haig Dimple Pinch!”

Nine out of ten inquiries received here about age, value and safety can actually be answered from the information above!!

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  1. 1
    Anne Easton

    Hi, I have a couple of Haig &Haig crates. I know they are from before the 2nd world war as my dad used them to pack his possessions before he was sent to Europe. From your blog, it sounds like they might be from at least the 20’s if bottles were shipped in individual boxes after then. Is there any other way I can narrow down how old they are? They are stamped with an actual brand, it looks like. With “Scots Whiskey” and five black stars. Any information you can give would be awesome.

  2. 2

    I have recently acquired A boxed bottle of Dimple, It has a plastic cap and a bottle stamped Z887. The box has an image printed on film on the front, and volume is indicated in fluid ounces (26 2/3) . The front flap of the box lid is marked “6/6/14”, is this a date stamp?
    I can’t find any bottles like mine produced later than the 1970’s. Was there some kind of re-issue? I would like to try and date it accurately if I can.

  3. 3
    Rob Winters

    Hi. My friend’s dad just passed. He had an unopened bottle of Haig & Haig Pinch, gold foil cap, “FOR US AIR FORCE”, “NOT FOR RESALE”. Maybe 1960’s? Might it be especially valuable, or just similar to a retail bottle? Thanks for any thoughts.

  4. 4

    I have an old bottle of Haig and Haig Pinch . It has a coat of arms , gold cap no foil and One US Quart. I have some photo’si of the bottle could you give me an age and value of this bottle. Thanks

  5. 5

    Hi i have a mini bottle of Haig with sprung cap in the original box which has on it “by appointment of the late king Geoge the 5th” in pencil on the box is written June 4th 1939. Is this a rare bottle?

  6. 6

    I Found a haig dimple bottle (3side dimples) with a bottom engravement of S0283, HAIG , US , SCOTLAND. Anyone with probable manufacture dating of the whisky?

  7. 7
    Hylton Brenner

    My bottle of Dimple does not fit any of the descriptions in the section “How old is my bottle of Haig?”.
    Mine is a three-sided bottle with smooth concave sides. It came in a gold box with a picture of the bottle on one side and Dimple above it. The other 3 sides are embossed with the coat of arms. The back says “John Haig & Co. Ltd/Distillers/Markinch Scotland”. The lid of the box is embossed with a red seal with the coat of arms in the centre. The box has a corrugated cardboard padding insert.
    The cap is a gold-coloured screw-on plastic cap. There is a paper strip seal over the top of the cap down each side extending onto the bottle itself. “Dimple” is printed on the strip both sides of the cap.
    Under the royal coat of arms it says “BY APPOINTMENT TO HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN” but I could not see any mention of WHICH queen. At the bottom of the coat of arms itself there appears to be something written, perhaps in Latin, but it is illegible. This appears on a label on the side of the bottle just below the neck, as well as in the centre of the paper strip over the cap.
    On the label under the neck of the bottle is the number “B125” inside a rectangle.
    Embossed on the glass bottom of the bottle it says “HAIG & HAIG” and “SCOTLAND”. There are also numbers that are not clear, but look like “1397” (top centre), and “13” (middle right). At the bottom is a badge with “UK” inside.
    On the box lid appears “31/12SA/13”.
    I hope, from the above info, you can tell me how old my bottle is.

  8. 8
    Brian Floriant

    Hate to bother you, but the bottle I found has 1897 haig and haig Scotland on the bottom with a marking under it…
    You dont refer to anything that late in your above information.. any help? Thanks..

  9. 9

    Growing up my grandparents had a mini bottle collection that was passed on to my. Tonight I decided to open the Pinch bottle, still with the 1959 NY tax stamp on it. (I am sipping it as I type this). This 62 year old bottle had a strong aroma from the moment I opened it. The taste is oaky but in a good way. It warms my mouth as I savor the taste and it brings back memories of my family.

  10. 10
    Rembrand Schmidt

    Hi Stuart, I’m from Germany.
    I want to ask you about the age of the bottle. (approximately 700-750ml).
    Spinnt Cap , Green Bottle, Bottle Bottom : C B G B
    I or I .
    Thank you for your help.

  11. 12
    Emma Deering

    Hi, I am give a bottle of simple whiskey as a present and I would like to know how old it is, it has a plastic top and the number 85024212 and 83123514 on the label on the front. The number on the bottom is 50283. Thanks for your help

  12. 13
    John Stimson

    Stuart–I wonder what your thoughts are on this bottle. Reportedly found as part of a buried cache on an island off of Boston harbor owned by family friends of my parents, so thought to be Prohibition era, part of the rum (scotch) running trade. Gifted to my father at least 40 years ago, I inherited it about 1/3 full. The scotch seems pristine. Is a lot peatier than I would have expected from what would seem to be a standard blend. Label is gone, but capsule appears to be white underneath the grime. Says Bottled by W. Haig and Co, LTD, distilled Markinch. Has the Royal seal, but I can’t see enough detail to see who was King.

  13. 14
    Brian Mullins

    Fascinating website, I have been a Haig Gold Label drinker for the best part of 50 years and have just managed to acquire a 2 litre bottle in perfect condition ( I haven’t opened it but the seal is intact) . It appears to be from the 1960s and has a spring cap. It is an export bottle with French on the reverse diamond label. I am torn between opening it or just simply keeping it as a reminder of bygone days when the world made more sense. I have no intention of selling it.

  14. 15

    This belonged to my late grandfather, who had it in his cupboard for years. I brought it to NY from FL by wrapping it in towels and it has been with me since. It’s a pinch bottle, still sealed. What do you think it’s worth?

  15. 16
    Scott Sartwell

    I just received this bottle from my father. It was given as a gift to his father I believe in the 40s or 50s when he became a vice president of a college. Any information about this bottles age and info would be appreciated.

  16. 17

    Hi just been given this .
    I’d it worth anything ?
    I don’t drink alkohol do maybe this is something I could sell.


  17. 18
    mark rose

    Hello , my elderly neighbours have bottle of 12year old dimple whisky the brought in 1978. Never opened . Was wondering how much would this be worth. 54 year old bottle of dimple whisky.

  18. 20
    CJ du Plessis

    I have a bottle of Dimple Royal Decanter. Sealed and in the original box. Good condition. Bottle number is A9167.
    Will it be possible to tell more or less what year this one was bottled.

    Thank you in advance.
    CJ du Plessis.

  19. 21
    Kelly Reed

    I dug this clear bottle of Haig and Haig up on property that has been vacant for 40+ years. Can you tell me the approximate age?

  20. 22

    Hi Stuart a friend has found a 5lt bottle without a paper label attached and we are trying to date it. He thinks it’s over 40 years old but the level is near perfect which really surprises me especially for a very hot country. I attended a photo of the cap also on the base there is “DM 84” embossed any ideas?
    Many thanks

  21. 23
    Stuart W.

    Stuart, I have a bottle of Haig & Haig Five Star Scot Whiskey I’m unable to age. It has a spring cap with white foil. The label indicates it was produced in Edinburgh (with no mention of Markinch). The bottom of the bottle has: WX105, 10, KX. Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

  22. 28

    Thanks for your informative website. Lot of fun reading through the entries. Bought a 3/4 full bottle of Haig Pinch with almost all the labels missing. He’s moving so clearing out the whisky, Bargain at $10, tastes better than the JW Blue bought from him. Just wanted to say thanks for all the work involved in the site.

  23. 31

    A friend of mine asked me to look into age and value of a bottle he remembers in the house when he was a kid, he is in his 70’s now. As you can see never opened and in its original box, anything I could pass on would be most appreciated.

  24. 32

    Hi Stuart see haig dimple with spring cap unopened it’s been sat in the loft for years was going to throw away. I’ve saved it from the bin at the moement and would like to know when this whisky would have been produced and is it worth keeping many thanks.

    • 35

      Hi Stuart a friend has found a 5lt bottle of Haig that he believes it’s 40 years old it has no label the level is extremely good for anything near that age especially in a hot country (photo attached) also there is a DM 84 embossed on the base of the bottle. Any ideas regarding the age?
      Many thanks

  25. 36

    Hello Stuart, I just have this bottle from my partens and I need some help to “classify” it. The label and the cap make me think of a 1960 production, but the label does not report the volume and it bring a anidrus of 10-75 degree that i never seen in other bottles… Also i cant find exact copy of the label, there is always a difference in font, color, infos… can you help?
    Thank you very much!
    Slainte mhath!

  26. 37
    Bob McCollum

    Last night (Christmas 2019) we opened an old bottle of Pinch whiskey that was passed down through my wife’s family. The whiskey was quite good. No worse for its age, apparently. We believe my father-in-law received it as a gift upon his retirement from the US Navy in 1957. My wife and sister-in-law have very early memories of the bottle back to late 50’s. It had a gold label and metal wire spring cap. The number “5” and “Haig & Haig LTD Scotland” molded into the bottom of the bottle. No mention of “Pinch” in the molding. Don’t recognize the coat of arms on the label. All seems to be consistent with our sense of it being from around 1957. I will appreciate anything you can add to our understanding.

  27. 39
    Richard Temple

    I’ve just been given this unopened bottle. I know the damaged cage/foil renders it unsaleable, but unterested to know the age or any details. The royal warrant is for QE2, and I assume the gold foil means post 1957, but the 43.5 has me confused.

  28. 40
    Richard Temple

    Any clues on this? It’s unopened, though I realise the damage to the cage/foil would reder it unsaleable, but would love to know when it’s from. The 43.5 mark on the label has me stumped, as the only example of that I could find online said it was 50’s, and I don’t think this is likely to be that old (at least post 57 due to the gold foil, and the royal appointment is QE2)

  29. 44

    Hi there. We’ve come across this boxed unopened bottle which from the info you’ve listed we believe to be after 1953 but wondering if you were able to confirm please?

    • 48

      Hello, I got this whiskey at some point. No idea how long the bottle has been in my possession. I’d like to know how old he really is and what he’s worth. Can you help me? Thank you. grissi

  30. 49
    S van Arnhem

    Hello, recently I got this old Haig Fine Old Scotch Whisky bottle. And I would like to know more about it. There isn’t much over it on the internet. And I was so happy to find this website. Can you tell me the era, age and maybe value of this bottle?

  31. 50
    Jonathon A Wright

    I was just curious about how old this bottle is as I found it in a trunk of my great grandfather’s that was left to my mother. All I know about it is it was in with his military uniform that he wore in the arm during WW1.

  32. 52


  33. 54

    Hi. Looking for a little more info on this bottle. I assume it is pre 1936 and after 1920. Not sure how it was stored but it is in hilariously good condition, no fading to the label, very little dirt, only a few minor scrapes on the label. Any more info would be greatly welcomed.

  34. 55
    Matt Cousens

    Have just found this miniature haig whilst clearing my mother in laws garage, I
    1 of many miniatures found it is sealed but cannot find an age, does it hold any value, or can anybody give an idea the the age of it. Many thanks

  35. 57
    Kenneth Kau

    My father passed away and in his house is a wooden crate with 12 of these, don’t know how old, bottom of bottle has S414 and KX on them. Any idea age. Top has some type of metal , spring cap?

  36. 58
    Susan Brandt

    I have an unopened bottle of H&H that my grandfather smuggled by train into the USA from Canada during prohibition. The label has flaked off bit by bit over the past century. Might anyone have interest in procuring it?

  37. 60
    Lindsay Hamilton

    We found this Dimple whisky in my grandfather’s house. We think it is post – 70s based on the screwtop. (Could you narrow that down?) Our biggest confusion arises from the fact that images online that have the same bottle and box have one distinct difference. Where our bottle says B26, other bottles have the alcohol % and mls of the bottle. We honestly can’t find the alcohol % listed anywhere at all on our bottle. Do you have any idea what this means?
    Thank you in advance!

    • 61
      Lindsay Hamilton

      So sorry, I didn’t mean to post twice and seem impatient. The first comment that I posted never seemed to show up (There was a break in our internet connection). I thought perhaps it hadn’t posted at all, and decided to try and post again just to be sure. I see now it is awaiting moderation.

  38. 63

    We’ve found this bottle of Dimple whisky while going through my grandad’s house. I’ve tried to use the guide (perhaps 70s because of the plastic screw top?), though images online seem to suggest the 90s also being a possibility. What is confusing me is that all similar images I come across have the alcohol percentage and volume written underneath the word Dimple, whereas this bottle just has B26 there. I cannot find the alcohol content anywhere on the bottle or packaging box. Could this be explained in any way? Is this an imitation of some sort?
    Thank you in advance!

  39. 65
    Doreen Pechman

    Found this unopened bottle in my parents’ house. Doesn’t have name of monarch. Scotland in glass on bottle. Do you have an idea of what this bottle is worth? Thank you.

    • 66
      Stuart McNamara

      Hi Doreen, as it says Markinch on the bottle, straight away we know that it’s post 1952. The cap looks plastic so that would point to the 1970’s. So an estimated value of £100 to £250 if selling it it privately yourself online. As always, it depends what you will be happy to take for it and what a buyer is willing to pay on the day. Kind regards, Stuart

  40. 67
    Coleen Latzke

    I have this old empty bottle that just says Haigs.
    It has a silver top and silver filigree running down the 3 corners, the top of the bottle and the bottom.
    I don’t know what to ask for it.
    On the bottom it says:
    R 3

  41. 68

    Hello, I have a bottle of 1951 Haig and Haig scotch whisky unopened and still in the box , can you tell me an approximate value as I’m trying to decide wether to drink it or not. Thanks.

  42. 69

    Hi Stuart. I’ve been searching thru many photos with no luck matching this bottle to anything and given it has to cap or lid I haven’t been able to ascertain what age it may be. Do you know by chance?

  43. 70

    I’m trying to determine a year on a bottle I found. It is a spring cap with the word “Dimple” on it (the only identifying mark really). It’s a 3 sided pinched? bottle wrapped in leather. Any thoughts or input would be appreciated. I’m trying to research myself, but all roads seem to lead to you. 🙂

  44. 71
    Pam smith

    Hi just wanted to no if this is a rare bottle of Dimple with Haig and markinch on the label and the age and value off my bottle thanks ,

  45. 72
    Phil Carroll

    My unopened bottle has a spring wire top and reading through this site it looks like it’s dating c1952/54. I would love to know for sure. Struggling to add a picture unfortunately but could email instead.

  46. 73
    Anita Bowers

    I have a ’12 years old 86 proof Pinch dimple bottle’, seal intact, dated 4/1/89. It’s embossed on the bottom S0283 Haig Scotland. Bottle has a seal saying ‘Sole USA Distributors Renfield Importers LTD New York Blended and bottled by Haig & Haig Markinch,Scotland
    100%Scotch Whiskies .’ Is there any value to it, other than drinking the fine scotch? Hoping to hear from you. Thanks

  47. 74
    Daniel Dechser

    Hello Stuart, thanks so much for your guide and all your replies here! I found an old(?) bottle of dimple with 1.89 litres and 43° GL. I tried to research its value but the bottle is quiet hard to find (price at whiskyauction in 2008 was 42€)

  48. 75
    david martin

    I believe I have a very interesting and quite rare bottle of haig dimple, dating from 1917. unbroken seal with box (bit tatty), no wire due to the war effort. letter from the king to verify this. box is stamped 11/17. could you please advise on value and will it increase in 2017 when it reaches the 100 year mark. thanks for you time.

  49. 78
    Steven Goldstein

    Around 1985, although I was already drinking the regular 15 year old Pinch, while in NY a bartender asked if I would like to try a 21 year old Pinch. I jumped at the opportunity and very much enjoyed my drink. Upon returning home, I spoke with my liquor store owner and requested he locate a case for me. Ultimately he obtained a case which were bottles from the Pewter Decanter Series (felt lined, blue box) and cost about 50-70% more than the regular 15 year old. Over the years, I have shared my stash with good friends and one bottle has still survived. When I sip my remaining jewel, it seems much more oakie then I remember from years ago. My questions are; 1) I don’t see any 21 year old Pinch being offered, and no age is maked on the bottle, does a 21 year exist, or was I sold a dream? and, Has my taste memory, and or scotch, deteriorated, or both? Your comments will be appreciated. Thank you.

  50. 83
    Dan M.

    Hi Stuart, I just brought this bottle home from Germany from my father-in-law’s basement. I cannot figure out how old it is. I’m assuming fairly recent since the box has a barcode and a recycling logo. I would still like to know something about it though. Thank you.

  51. 84
    Kevin J Fisher

    Building a wine cellar in a families resort and found this in the wall behind some cabinets. Based upin your notes this probably is 1920-30’s?
    Guesstimated value???

  52. 85
    Donna Dudek

    Hi Stuart – Thanks for the comment on my request. I have a few photos. The bottle comes in a velvet lined box, with a certificate of authenticity that is numbered. If memory serves me well this was something I received in the late 1980’s. As you can see the bottle is enclosed in a silver/pewter container with gold embossed on the three sides. I can share more photos of those details if you like. Thank you

    • 86
      Stuart McNamara

      Hi Donna, Many thanks for moving your inquiry from Twitter over to here.

      Your bottle is quite interesting and unusual.

      It’s a bottle of Haig Dimple Sovereign 21 Year Old Whisky in a commemorative pewter decanter.

      Haig Dimple was sold in the UK market and a slightly different variant Haig Pinch was sold on the US market.

      These were produced in the 1980s by Haig Whisky to “commemorate” the Union of the Crowns in 1607 of England and Scotland under a single King who was King James 6 of Scotland / King James 1 of England.

      The coins on the bottles show the cross of St Andrew for Scotland and the Unicorn of England surmounted by a mish mash of the “United Kingdom” Royal coat of arms (Lion and Unicorn) with the crosses of St George for England and St Andrew for Scotland.

      The D R S logo above this stands for Dimple Royal Sovereign and is a “homage” to the British Royal Ciphers such as the current E II R for Elizabeth 2 Regina.

      It’s all makey-up marketing stuff and I can think of no reason at all why it should have been commemorated in the 1980’s other than a Whiskey Marketing executive thought it was a good idea at the time.

      The whisky itself should be quite nice as it is a blend of Scotch Malt and Single Grain whiskies, probably from Glenkichnie, Linkwood and Camoronbridge Distillerys.

      As you can see from the “Certificate of Authenticity” many thousands were made and even today, they are uncommon rather than rare. The certificate, while it looks impressive was just another marketing gimmick. However, the serial numbering would have been authentic.

      The decanter is made from Pewter by Royal Holland Pewter who were a Dutch based company famous for their decorative pewter including several Haig pewter decanters. As far as I know, they closed down their pewter operation in the 90’s and moved into making heating boilers.

      Store it upright in a cool, dry, dark place to ensure the packaging and whisky endure. The coins can fall off in time if exposed to heat, damp or repetitive hot – cold temperature cycles.

      Value wise? At least €200 to €300 in the good condition that yours seems to be in. However, I have seen these change hands at auction for up to €1,000 4 or 5 years ago. It’s all about meeting the right buyer at the right time. If it was mine, I would not let it go for less than €500. As you will see from my other posts here, a dealer will only offer you 25% to 30% of the selling price. If you want to sell it, put it up on e-Bay etc. for the best results.

      If anyone else can add to this please join in. Donna, could you take some good quality (Iphone or similar will be fine) pictures of one of the coins and the certificate and add them here as two separate replies to this thread? The certificate on your picture is unreadable in current format and it would be interesting for everyone to see it clearly to see if we are on the right track.

      I might actually do a separate article on about this Haig Dimple Sovereign release.

  53. 87

    Just found this bottle in my Grandfather’s house — no indication of the reigning king/queen under the royal coat of arms. It has a plastic cap, with a seal made of the same material as the labels. The label on the back says “Sole USA distributors, Renfield Importers LTD, New York, NY. blended and bottled by Haig & Haig, Markinch Scotland, 100% scotch whiskies”. Any idea how old this is?

    • 88
      Stuart McNamara

      Hi Brendan, All the clues are in the article above. Pinch(USA) rather than Dimple (UK) implies that it was sold on the American market. Markinch rather than Edinburgh implies post 1952 and the plastic cap confirms this later date as being in the 1970’s. Kind regards, Stuart

  54. 91

    Hi Stuart. I found a bottle of 12 years old Dimple in my parents cellar. Can you tell me if this bottle is from the 70’s? What is app. value of this bottle. I have read your answer to others with similar bottles but this is a different variant. Will appreciate your answer.

    • 92
      Stuart McNamara

      Hi Brigette, Going on what I can see in your photo, it apears to be a botlle of Haig Dimple 12 year Old as you have guessed from the ’70’s It should have a gold foil cover over the neck? 43% ABV? The “Dimple brand was primarily for a British market whereas the similar looking “Pinch” was more for the US market. In perfect condition with the associated silvery white box, I would expect it to sell at approximately €200 to €250. However, as I mention in my article, a dealer will only offer you a fraction of this amount. Kind regards, Stuart

      • 93

        Hi Stuart. Thank you very much for your answer. I enclose a picture of the top coil. It says 40% ABV. Honestly I don’t know where in the world this bottle is bought. And I do not have the white box unfortunately. I can tell you that I live in Denmark where I have asked for a value in one of the biggest auction houses but they would not put a value on it as they said that it was way under €100. Could Ebay be the place to sell it maybe? Kind regards Brigitte

  55. 94

    Hi Stuart. I found this old Dimple in my parents cellar. They bought in on an European trip at some time many years ago. I have read you answer to Rae and others, but would you please tell me if this bottle is from the 70’s? And app. what is the value?

  56. 95

    I have a boxed bottle of Dimple Whisky that I donated to a Care Home for them to include in a raffle. The box is marked 6/6/14, so the Home wouldn’t accept it as they thought it was out of date Could someone tell me what the date refers to please ?

    • 96
      Stuart McNamara

      Hi Travis, Without having seen a picture, I would still be fairly confident that the date refers to the date of packaging. Therefore, it should be perfectly safe. Whisky does not generally come with a Use By or Best Before date. ;>). If they don’t want it I know plenty that would!!! Kind regards, Stuart

  57. 97

    Hello Stuart
    Could you be kind enough to advise on this Haig bottle from around the 60’s bought at the Skyway Hotels Duty free at London Airport.
    I have close up pics if you wish.
    Thank you

  58. 99

    Hello Stuart
    I have this bottle for sometime found in my parents cabinet.
    It must have been purchased around end 1960’s at “Skyway Hotels the Duty Free shop at London Airport”. It is an export bottle.
    Could you please shed some light on such bottle.
    I have more pics but your website allows to upload only one pic.
    Let me know how to send you close up pics if you wish.

    Thank you
    JayEim. J

  59. 101
    Grant Groves

    Can you give a indication of how old this is I was left it in a will which I found strange I have tried to find it with fail attempts please advise and help would be appreciated

  60. 103
    Steve Wraith

    Tried to post earlier but not sure if it worked, so will try again.
    Pictured are the Haig Dimples which were my in-laws.
    The larger ones all have the copper measures but the tiny miniature does not.
    As you can see from the photo the miniature has the spring cap, as do the others, all sealed.
    There is a number 8 on the base of the larger ones.
    My in-laws always insisted they were worth something.
    What do you think ?

  61. 106
    Roger Garcia

    We have an unopened bottle of Pinch whiskey. We do not know exactly how old it is. It came in a golden triangle box with the words Pinch by Haig & Haig written on all three sides. There is a red seal with a coat of arms at the top of the box. The words: “Blended Scotch Whiskey 100% Scotch Whiskies 4/5 Quart – 86% Proof – Product of Scotland – Imported by Renfield Importers Ltd. Union, NJ – Blended and Bottled by Haig & Haig, Markinch, Scotland. Carton made and printed in Scotland ” – are written at the bottom of the box.

    The number 2897 along with the words Haig & Haig, Scotland and letters UG8 are molded at the bottom of the bottle. The bottle has a gold cap which appears to be metal. It has a red tax seal across the cap with the number 2141613561 on one side and Renfield Importers, Ltd. Union, NJ. on the other. The word VOIDED is stamped on the top of the seal. Also along the top of the seal Series 112. Close to the neck of the bottle there is a golden label with a coat of arms with two horses facing each other and a white cross between them. Below this coat of arms it says Product of Scotland. On each side of the coat of arms the word Pinch ( in red ) is written. Below one Pinch word it says By Haig & Haig, Blended Scotch Whiskey 4/5 Quart, Below the other word Pinch it says Blended and Bottled by Haig & Haig, Markinch Scotland, 100% Scotch Whiskey, 86% Proof. Towards the bottom of the bottle there is another golden label which says: Imported by Renfield Importers Ltd. Union, NJ. Distilled and Bottled in Scotland Under British Government Supervision.
    The word PINCH is printed in white on one side of the bottle and is wrapped in a wired netting.

    We would like to know more about the history and value of this bottle.
    Thank you

  62. 107
    Gunnar Hertzberg

    II have a Dimple Royal Decanter, this in the original box and unopened. It was given to me in 1970’s. There has been scratched into the bottom H 1493. Does it have any value for a collector? Thanking you in advance for an answer.

  63. 110

    I just found that bottle in my grandfather house.
    I would like to know the age of the bottle and the price of it.
    The bottle is not oppen.
    Under the bottle, in glass there is ” Z941 haig & haig scotland UGB”


  64. 112

    We purchased this bottle in Waterloo, IA in 1989. The seal has not been broken and the bottle is framed in pewter. Is there any value in this bottle unopened and is the whiskey still good. What value is it as is? Thank you. Marcia

  65. 113

    Hello Stuart, I have two bottles of Haig Dimple from my grandfather and I am trying to work out their age. One is in the box (not sure it has ever been removed) and one has no box (as in the photo). The label says “By appointment to the late George V” so I assume it is post 1935 – though I am not sure why it does not say “By appointment to….” and then the name of the current monarch (Elizabeth or George VI or Edward VII). Any thoughts? Many thanks (and thanks for the informative website). Jonathan

    • 114
      Stuart McNamara

      Hi Jonathan,
      Great query and especially so as we have not been asked that question before in this forum.

      My understanding is that Royal warrants expire 5 years after the death of the monarch or other member of the royal family who bestowed the honour. That would therefore mean that your bottle dates from within 5 years after the death of King George V, the father of the present Queen. As Haig Whisky was a well established and well respected brand, I would expect that their warrant was renewed within a year of Queen Elizabeth ascending the throne. So that should indicate a likely vintage for your bottle of between Feb 1952 and Dec 1954. Kind regards, Stuart

      • 115

        Thanks for this insight Stuart, good to understand the duration of the warrant. George V not VI though! So that would date it to 1936-41, which chimes with the family story of my grandfather buying it before the war. Since we have two (one in the box and one out) we might well sample the one with out the box! Does having the box give it any value? Many thanks

    • 117
      Bob Salladino

      Hello Barb, I was curious if you still have this, would you be interested in selling it and if so for what price? My family has a funny history with this scotch and would be a great addition.

      Thank you for your time

      Bob Salladino

    • 119
      Bob Salladino

      Hello Mike, I was curious if you still have this bottle? If so, would you be interested in selling it and for what price? My family has a funny history with this scotch. I am trying to locate a bottle for my parents.

      Thank you for your time

      Bob Salladino

  66. 127

    Hello I have in my possession a Dimple from the Allied Forces in World War II and I would like to know it’s value in the market.

    Best regards,


  67. 129

    This is mine, my parents have had it for over 30 years. Any ideas of age? It has Scotland molded into the bottle on the bottom.

  68. 132

    I’ve inherited a bottle of Haig Gold Label. It’s Duty Free. Has a white metal cap. Has only Edinburgh written in the bottle. I’m trying to find out the age of the bottle….can you help?

  69. 133
    Tom Rose

    According to research I have a bottle from 52 to 57. I am trying to determine its value. It is unopened and seal appears to be good. Bottle is still full. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  70. 134
    Paul Oneill

    I have this bottle of gold label scotch whiskey. Can you tell me how old it is and is it worth anything . I plan one day to open it when i retire.

  71. 135
    Andre Ferreira

    I have a question more about the packaging of the whisky than the whisky itself. I live in South Africa and have an old wooden chest (I presume the straw packed wooden boxes from pre 1920 you referred to in your article). I would like to know more about the chest, especially its age more or less, as well as the name of the whisky engraved on it. The chest is 70mm x 42mm x 34mm. On the back is engraved John Haig & Co Ltd Markinch, and on the front GLE????VEN (I cannot make out the whole name) Old Scotch WHISKY. The metal handles has Pat 2201 engraved on it. Could you maybe be of some help?

  72. 136

    Any thoughts on this bottle?
    How old it might be and if it’s worth like a million dollars?
    Bottom is molded and says “Haig&HaigLtd / Scotland”.
    It also has the spring type lock on top.
    While not opened it does appear to have evaporated a bit.

  73. 138
    brain wiley

    Hi Stuart – any idea how old this one is or if it has any value ? I got it from my grandad – it has the Queen’s crest on the label and has a spring cap – I’m guessing it must be from the 60s or 70s – Brian

  74. 140
    Dale Eadeh

    Good afternoon. I have an old PINCH bottle. The only printing on the bottle is the word “PINCH” and that is only on one dimple. Unfortunately, the bottle is empty. Would you be able to advise me of the age and possible history of this bottle please? The bottom of the bottle states HAIG & HAIG LTD along with the number 12. This was among my Father’s belongings when he passed a few years ago at 92 years of age. Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  75. 141

    Can somebody please help me to determine exactly how old is this wisky, and what is it’s value. As far as I know it is at least 40-45 years old. Thanks

  76. 142

    Hello, my grand mother told me that this bottle of whiskey is dated from the second wold war when my grand father served at the Greek navy as an admiral and it was offered to him as a gift by the US counterpart. I am trying to find out it’s value and a possible date of distillery. Any kind of help will be well appreciated !
    Thank you

  77. 143

    I have a bottle of haig dimple, I have read your page and great though it is I’m still not sure what I have.

    There is a half bottle 13 1/3 fl.ozs
    70 proof with what looks like copper wire over the bottle like fence wire ?

    It is in a dark red box that says with the compliments of John Haig & co. LTD

    Box also has Markinch Scotland and by appointment of her majesty the queen

    Any ideas of age and significance of the box?

    Many thanks


  78. 144

    My bottle is metal capped but only has a reference to Markinch… I only see references in this article about Markinch & Edinburgh. Can you assist?

  79. 145
    Laura McAleer

    Hello. I am getting married 28th December 2017. My believed grandfather will have passed almost 12 years by that point but I want to remember him in a special way. He loved Haig gold Label. Please advise of how best to get my husband to be a bottle for the special day.



  80. 149

    I have this bottle of Pinch. I read your column and can’t fined any names on seal of which Queen or king at the time it was made. There is only the word Pinch on bottle. Here is the picture of it.

  81. 154

    I’m really hoping that you can help me. I have just bought a 1930s/1940s Haig Whiskey optic which I’m going to install in an garden bar. I’ve checked the fittings and I’m pleased to say that modern Haig whiskey bottles will fit it! I’d really like a framed picture to hang in the “bar”. I found this amazing Haig advert online which pictures the Statue of Liberty holding a bottle of Haig and Uncle Sam tipping his hat to her. Is this something that you have in your archives? Is so it possible that you could let me have an digital A4 copy? It’s from roughly the same period as the optic and they would look great together.
    Kind regards

  82. 155
    Lucy Hockly

    Hi, I am looking to sell some whisky bottles we found when clearing out my grandads garage.
    We have; Haigs dimple (dated back to King George), and Haig Gold. We also have other whisky’s if you are interested.

  83. 156
    Lyn Baker

    I have a bottle of boxed Haig Old Scotch Whisky with a competition label finishing in January 1986. I would be interested to know if it is drinkable and if it has a value. It has been stored standing up in a cupboard.

  84. 157

    Hello – I read everything I could to help identify my bottle without having to ask but I need your help. Can you please tell me what I have? Thank you

  85. 158
    David Hernandez

    Hi, I have this bottle but really I don’t know the year and I’m want to know if the price. Can you help me pleases ?

  86. 159

    How much ia a 50 year old one quart bottle of 86 proof, Pinch scotch.
    (Never opened, worth?)
    Joe (239) 249-0128

  87. 162
    Kirstin C

    I have inherited a bottle of Haig & Haig dimple whiskey. The story is that it has been passed down through generations and everyone has a sip when parents or siblings pass away. Unfortunately, everyone who knows more than this has passed away and I only learned about it a few months ago. It has a spring cap, a Scotch coat of arms with no mention of a king or queen. It looks as though wire loosely coved the bottle and there is a beige foil cap. The box is interesting with a graphic of the bottle on 2 sides and writing on the third. My guess is that it is from the 1920’s? It is unsealed and a little less than half gone and I wonder if it is safe to drink? I do not know when this tradition started so I have no idea when it was opened. My grandfather passed in 1980 and my grandmother in 1976 (probably her family if I had to guess)

    • 164

      I would say you are right about the date…circa 1925. I would not be too hopeful that the whisky would still be good. When the bottle is opened, you lose all the integrity of the original seal. Especially when its opened multiple times and then re-sealed. Even if it was stored perfectly, there is a good chance it will be spoiled. But you can certainly try!

  88. 165
    Michael Thornton

    This bottle has the number 36-3934470 on the tax strip along with the State of Ohio Department of Liquor Control sticker with a 55E60343 number. Can anyone date this?

  89. 167
    Jim Schwanke

    How would I find out how much my Haig whisky bottle is worth. I could send a picture to someone from my cell phone . Please let me know as I have never done this before. Thank you very much . JIM

  90. 168
    Same kassis

    Hi guys I’m samer kassis from beirut lebanon this is my favorite bottle of whisky in the world this bottle from my father in 1970

  91. 169
    John Madden


    I came across this bottle of Haigs dimple when I was clearing out the attic for a house move. I think I bought it about 40 years ago . It has a plastic top. The Number on the bottom of the bottle itself is looks like : SC750 followed by IL: HAIGS SCOTLAND then around the lower edge 16 and UO . There is also a number on the box itself: 045379.

    I wondered if you have the time to identify this bottle and give me an approximate value ?

    Many thanks in advance

  92. 171
    Mr David Christopher Fox

    I have a question or two for you.
    I have recently acquired an empty blue coloured pottery Dimple bottle bearing the Dimple name and coat of arms in each of the three dimples and a leaf motif on each of the three corners all in gilt with gilt around the edge of the neck. Unfortunately the cork stopper/bottle top is missing.
    As I have never ever seen one of these before, I was wondering for what occasion this would have been made and when?
    Furthermore, would it be possible to purchase a replacement cork stopper?

  93. 172

    Here is another view. The bottom read John Haig & co ltd Scotland. The outside appears to be wrapped in leather (?) Or paper made to look like leather. The only marking is on the bottom.

  94. 175
    Rich Florio

    Well, this past Saturday was a great day! Besides it being the last day of my forties, we finally opened a bottle of Haig which had been given to my grandfather in 1950. It sat in the basement of my Aunt’s house for most of that time, so no sunlight or very warm conditions. Seal was fully intact. I know it was from 1950 because my grandpa had written the date, in red crayon, on the label….which he was known to do (he also liked to mark the level in the liquor bottles so he knew none of the children were skimming any!). We were hoping for the best! We were not disappointed! Smooth, light and no bitterness at all. ~67 years did not have a detrimental effect it seems. Not only that, but my Grandfather passed away in 1958….9 years before I was born. So the sentiment of opening and enjoying the bottle that he himself had labeled and put away so long ago really touched me. What a great way to start my journey into my fifties!

  95. 176

    Hi wondering if anyone can help i was gifted an old bottle of haig dimple when wifes grandfather passed and i am trying to age the bottle. . Spring cap. Just markinch on label. All pointing to 50s except fact the royal warrant says late king george v. Definetly not iv. Which would be between 36 and 41. Is this just an error on label ? Please help solve mystery

  96. 177

    Hi, Stuart: I found a bottle from c. 1974 considering the metal cap. I opened it and tried it. My knowledge about the good taste of a whisky is very limited. So I’d like to know some criteria about the taste that this Haig should have. The bottle was perfectly closed and the colour is perfectly clean. I’ve found a grateful and strong level of alcohol in nose and mouth very long; the taste is sweet for a second; and a slight but evident smoke flavour… I’d appreciate your comments to guide my experience and realize how well conserved could be my Haig despite the time.
    Thanks in advance

  97. 178
    Richard Hall

    Hello I found this full bottle while cleaning out a house.Was wondering if you could give me any info on it
    Thank you

  98. 181
    evangelos Diapoulis

    Hello from Greece .My wife’s mother gaves my this bottle of Dimple whisky and she told me that remember this bottle at she’s home before 1978.If you can help me in send photos

  99. 185
    Charles Coulter

    Stuart, a friend found this bottle while cleaning out an old basement and knowing that I drink Scotch, he gave it to me. I am curious as to it’s age and thought it would be wise to find out if it had any real value before I drank it since it seems a waste to leave it in the bottle. I do notice that it has lost about 2 inches of volume. I assume this is from evaporation.
    I’ve attached a picture of the bottle and will follow with a close-up of the neck. From your examples in your “How Old” info, I would guess that this is a pre-war vintage but wanted to ask your opinion as well as your advice about any value. Obviously the labeling is not in perfect condition.
    Thank You

  100. 186
    Andrew Sedlak

    Hello, I found this old bottle of Haig Blended Scotch Whisky and I believe that this bottle was one of those that belonged to Fidel Castro back in the day. I would like to know if it is true and how old this bottle is and what price of this bottle is. I have more photo so please let me know what do you think so we can have further communication on this subject. Have a nice day.

  101. 188
    Matthew McGrane

    Hello! My dad was given this bottle of Haig and Haig when I was a kid. My mother seems to think it was about 40 years ago when he received it. My dad passed away years ago. I was wondering if you could tell me anything about it. Thank you so much!!

    • 189
      Kirstin C

      Matthew- Does your bottle have a spring cap? It is difficult to tell from the photo. If it does, we may have the same age bottle and I think mine is from the 1920’s. It has apparently been passed down in my family and the children of the deceased drink at their memorial service. My father just passed and he was 71 and I have it now as the oldest sibling.

  102. 190
    Milos B.

    Hi, first time in here, can anyone help? Got this bottle as a gift, its at least 20-30 years old as i know, but dont know anything else. Can someone tell me more about the bottle and its value? Thank you!

  103. 193

    Hi my family and I just went threw my grandpa’s stuff to get rid of it and we came a crossed a bottle of Haig whisky with the spring cap we know it’s old but we are curious as to what year it was bottled it’s a 4/5 quart bottle and 86.8 proof it has hand written # 28/440 so it suggested to me that they only bottled 440 bottles out of that batch any help would be awesome we are planning on drinking it at the next family reunion this summer with some great cigars.

  104. 194
    Claire Etherington

    Please can anyone tell me if this is worth anything my grandma left it to me before she passed. I am unsure but it looks very old. Any advice would be good thanks

  105. 195

    I have a bottle of Dimple Haig which was given to me in 1990. The bottle is clad in pewter also the cap. I have never opened it. I am wondering how old it is and is it a collector’s item?

  106. 198
    Linda bull

    I have a bottle of Dimple with a plastic lid the number at the bottom is stamped SC750 and H 9 all sealed with a paper seal across the lid could have been purchased in around 1978. Is this still OK

  107. 199
    Bryan Hawdon

    Hi can you give some idea on this bottle of Haig Dimple Whisky, and whether it is safe to drink, I have checked for a date near the Royal seal but unable to find one.

  108. 200
    Peter Vidberg

    Since my bottle have a metal twist cap it should be from the 60´s or early 70´s but I do not find this type och label or type of bottle on any of my google searches. Is it possible to narrow it down to year or what decade this was bottled?

    Best regards

  109. 201
    Dennis Moore

    Hello, Stuart. This Haig decanter has been in the family for a lot of years — empty, I’m afraid. Might you have any idea of its age? Thanks!

    • 206

      Hi I don’t know if I’ m talking to Hannah or Stuart but I own the same bottle which I think I’d from the 50s not the 70s according to the foil cap !
      I would be deeply grateful If you could help me as well

  110. 207
    Kevin Arrow

    Is this bottle of Haig & Haig Whiskey safe to drink? I suspect is from the 1940s, with a white foil cap cover and a spring closure. It was kept in a cool dark place it’s entire life. Please advise as to its exact age, value and quality. thank you.

  111. 208
    Arthur Beddoe

    I have an unopened/seal in tact 4/5 quart bottle with box that says it is 25 years old, it is a metal screw cap with white foil, the label says only Haig & Haig and Markinch SCotland, it is 86.8 proof, I assume it is from the 60’s. Can you tell me what this bottle might be worth

  112. 210
    Chaim Lubin

    This is really a nice resource so first, thank you.

    I just found this unopened bottle and am wondering if I can get some better help dating it. Based on the article and that this only has “Edinburgh” on the bottle I know this is pre 1952. Also, I see the screw top was “introduced” in the 1920s, but does that mean this is a 1920s bottle or could it be from later? If anyone has a more exact dating of this I would appreciate it. Would like to know what we are going to drink before we do. Thanks.

  113. 211

    Same question as most on here! (sorry).

    My father passed away a few years ago and I found this bottle of Haig whiskey. I appreciate it is a good brand, but before I open it, I wondered if you could tell me any more – unfortunately it seems to have lost its label.

    I believe its Gold Label, but have not idea of age, or value.

    On the base of the bottle are the markings “SA293 K 12 UOB”

    Shall I just open it and see what it tastes like?


  114. 212
    Mindy Ginsberg

    I’m looking to sell Pinch Haig & Haig bottles from the 1950’s and 1960’s and one from 1989. Trying to find interested parties. Please contact me if interested.

  115. 214
    Hal Silverman

    Hello! I have two of these unopened collector bottles. Would you be able to provide me with a ballpark figure for their worth, if any?
    Thank you!

  116. 215
    dave martin

    I believe I have a very interesting and quite rare bottle of haig dimple, dating from 1917. unbroken seal with box (bit tatty), no wire due to the war effort. letter from the king to verify this. box is stamped 11/17. could you please advise on value and will it increase in 2017 when it reaches the 100 year mark. thanks for you time.

  117. 216
    David Lynch

    Have an unopened bottle of Haig &Haig, it has the spring cap, Markinch,and the coat of arms ( no mention of King or Queen) under whose reign it was bottled, unless the symbols on the coat of arms tell. I know my grandfather was stationed in England during WW2, I’m guessing that he brought it back, along with a bottle of Kings Ransom (still in soft cardboard box), research yet to be done on it

  118. 218
    Scott Braun

    This bottle was recently given to me from my father-in-law. It was his fathers who passed 36 years ago. The bottle appears to be from the 1950’s but I’m not sure. Can you clarify its age by the picture below?

  119. 219
    Mike Larkin

    I have a Pinch Dimple bottle, and the gift box it came in. The code on the bottom of the box is – 0005 4409
    I have attached a picture of the bottle and the box. I received it as a gift some years ago, but have no idea if it is still good or how old it is.

  120. 220


    I have a bottle of Haig and Haig Dimple it has the gold mesh top with the HM Elizabeth 11 on the appointment. The bottle is boxed The batch number is B342 R8UGRB. I hope this helps. Kind regards Michael

  121. 221

    I have an unopened bottle of Haig Dimple marked “Old Blended Scotch Whisky”. Short gold metallic covering (pewter?) with clip visible at the side. States by appointment to H M King George VI. Marked 70% proof and “Made in Scotland”. The bottom of the bottle states “Haig’s” with various other letters and numbers – A660; R8; UGB.
    Seems from the description guide you give that it may be post 1957 because of the gold foil, however by appointment to King George VI provides a conflict.
    May have been for export if that makes a difference. I can send pictures if that helps. I would greatly appreciate your comments as to age. Thank you – James

  122. 222

    I was given a huge bottle of Haig Blended Scotch Whisky that has been my grandfather’s. He is not with us anymore and I’m trying to figure out when it was bottled, what’s the volume, and what it could be worth.

    First, it’s stated “1×1/2 GALLON BOTTLE” on the box. What’s this in liters?

    I’ve tried hard to find out the age of the bottle but haven’t succeeded. I have uploaded images to so that you can have a look. Under the bottle, there is text that is pinched (if that means standing out).

    What could this be worth?

    Thank you very much in advance.

  123. 223
    Paul oneill

    Hi could you tell me the year of this bottle and of course how much it could be worth . It’s un opened . Kind regards paul.

  124. 224

    Dear Stuart
    I am from South Africa. I have this bottle of Dimple that I have inherited from my late father, I know that he has this bottle for about 16 years. I would like to find out actually how old is this bottle, a value on it will be good but I am not planning to sell anytime soon, will probably hand this down one day to one of my kids. Thanks in advance Shakti

  125. 227
    Shakti Bahgoo

    Dear Stuart
    My dad recently passed on, he had a bottle of dimple, and as far as I can remember he has had this bottle for about 15 years. The bottle has a wooden and metal handle. Please can you help me with a value on this bottle and the age please.

  126. 228

    I have acquired a old bottle of Haig & Haig Pinch, I have reviewed the information contained on your site, however I am still having an issue in determining the age. I am trying to see if there is any value, or should I just enjoy it…… My husband is from Cork,, and he gets that wild glint in his eye when he sees this bottle. Not to sure, should I give in and crack the seal ? Help, I am running out of hiding places for the bottle. thanks…………………..

  127. 229
    Everett Melnck

    I have an unopened pinch bottle of Haig & Haig Ltd. It has the spring cap & tax stamp seal unbroken. It also has an Illinois tax stamp. The bottle is embossed with Federal law forbids sale or re-use of this bottle just below the neck. The bottom is embossed with the words: Haig & Haig, Edinburgh, Scotland. The words Haig & Haig appear to have been painted in the pinch with a half moon shaped label below with the words: distilled in scotland and bottled in the united kingdom under government supervision. The neck label bears a coat of arms with wording on each side and below it.
    I have had the bottle all my life. It was on a shelf behind our bar in the basement of the house I grew up in. My father gave it to me when I married. He told me to open it when my son got married & drink his health. My son does not drink so the bottle has remained unopened. I will be 73 this month. My brother was born in 1941. There is some confusion whether my father received the bottle when he got married in 1924 or when my brother was born in 1941. The seal says: Somerset Importers, Ltd. New York, N.Y. on one side & has the numbers: 36-8543363 on the other side. The IL. tax stamp has the numbers: 234751 on it. I’d be interested to know how old this bottle actually is & if it has any real value. The level of the whiskey has gone down to half way below the “&” from evaporation as it’s always been stored upright. I’m not real computer literate so pictures are not easy for me. If you think it would help, I could get my granddaughter to help me take some.

  128. 231

    Would love to know a rough age to this small bottle of Haigs.
    From what you say I am assuming 1957 -1870?
    What would you suggest it’s worth? Should I hang on to it?

  129. 232
    Mary Lou Compton

    Hi- I found this in my grandmother’s closet, I believe it to be post 1920 because of the top but it doesn’t identify it as Dimple or Pinch and it just says Edinburgh. There is no mention of Markinch whatsoever. Can you please tell me how old this could be?

  130. 234

    Hi Stuart, I have a bottle of unopened Pinch, – Plastic cap with seal intact (Pinch), ( possibly 1970’s?) 4/5 quart, 86 proof. coat of arms 9 (no mention of King or Queen), only label on front is “This whisky is 12 years old”, Bottom of bottle – 1897, Haig & Haig Scotland “US”. Looking for value $$$.

    Thanks, Paul Dunn

  131. 239

    Hi Stuart,

    See attached..any insight ? I have more pictures if needed and some other interesting bottles..all found in a secret wall and dating from prohibition, but very curious if you might be able to date this bottle. Thanks in advance for any insight.

  132. 243
    Jean Carlier


    I have found a bottle of Haig’s whisky still full and sealed by a lead seal, i am wondering about the age and value of this bottle and was wondering if you could help me, please see attached pictures
    Thanks in advance


    Jean Carlier

  133. 246
    Mark Ballard

    My photos and comments seem to be back. I have another question to add. Notice the silver running down the side of the bottle is not carved with patterns like all other Haig bottles. Why do you think that is? Could this be a prototype? Or unfinished? The current Chief of the St. Andrews Society in Mexico (Scottish Organization), really wants me to donate this to them since it was given to their new Chief, William A. Kennedy in Jan of 1950. I’d really like to know what your opinion of this bottle is. Thanks so much.

  134. 247
    Mark Ballard

    Stuart, yesterday I posted a photos of my Haig’s whiskey bottle that was clad in silver, but a pattern unlike any others. I saw my comments were awaiting approval, but now they and the photos have disappeared. Ideas? Thanks so much. Mark

  135. 248
    Mark Ballard

    I thought of something else. Has anyone ever seen a top with a flower like this? All the ones I have seen online are plain. Is this a unique design?

  136. 251
    Mark Ballard

    Has anyone EVER seen a HAIG silver pattern like this. It was a gift to a Chief of the St. Andrews Society of Mexico and engraved and given 1-4-50
    I’ve never seen a silver pattern like this. Any ideas on age, value, etc? It’s stamped .925 on the bottom.

  137. 252
    Campbell B

    I have a small half bottle (6 2/3 Fl.OZS) of Haig Gold Lable. It seems going by your info graph that the bottle is from the 60’s (as it has a metal twist cap) but I would like some conformation please, if that’s ok. The bottom of he bottle has the markings “L SB 676 40 (then a hexagon under this with…) UG”

    I can’t post a picture for some reason but I did post a link to a picture of the bottle on flicker in the website section. I would appreciate a reply, hopefully soon, as I’m eager to drink the whisky but I dont want to without the knowledge to appreciate what I’m drinking.

  138. 255
    Rae Stanton

    Hi Stuart
    This is a photo of the bottle of Dimple I “inherited” (he’s not dead yet!) from my father. It has some Spanish on it “Contenido Neto 75 Centilitros” so perhaps he bought it duty free? Would love to know how old the bottle is. I’d ask my dad, but I know he won’t remember 😉 Thanks … Rae

    • 256
      Stuart McNamara

      Hi Rae,
      As you will see from my guide above, there are several clues in your pictures. It’s a fairly standard bottle of Haig Pinch which means that it was produced for the UK / European market rather than the American market which was serviced by the similar but slightly different Haig Pinch whisky. Firstly, your bottle carries the royal coat of arms on the shoulder which dates it at least after 1953 (Queen Elizabeth) The plastic cap would suggest mid to late 70’s. It was probably produced for the Spanish duty free market. I’m glad to see that your Dad has been dipping into the bottle over the years! Kind regards, Stuart

  139. 257

    Hello, I have a bottle of a certain Haig whisky, but unfortunately it doesn’t have a label anymore – I took a couple of pics that could maybe help determine its age and type.
    Thanks in advance

  140. 260

    Hi, It is a HAIG 4.54 LT Bottle bought from Germany in 1976 by my father. What could be the value of it.
    Anyone can help?

    • 263

      Hi, Mike: I have one bottle of that year and I think the conservation is very good, at least considering color and strength of the taste. Have you tried it? Despite of the age, is it possible that it tastes good? I don’t know much about whisky so I’d appreciate your comments. Thanks in advance / Alejandro

  141. 267
    Gary M.

    Hi, i am not sure what i have here, i was given this, i would guess in the late 70’s in UK, box was gold, dusty and not in good condition, un-opened, any light you could shed would be nice to know, Thanks.

  142. 270
    Lena Kallehave

    Hello Stuart,
    We have found a 2.27l bottle of Haig Blended Scotch Whisky Gold Label. It has the same label on the front and back but the back one is upside down which makes us think it might have been meant for a pub? It is unopened and the seal is white plastic. There is a reference to the Queen in the Royal Coat of Arms.
    Can you help with the age and possible value? Many thanks

  143. 271

    Hi, I have a royal holland pewter dimple haig empty bottle.
    B1568 is scratched underneath next to stamp that bears Royal Holland Pewter Dralderop.
    I would like to sell it, would you mind giving mne the value and where to advertise best.
    I live in Cape Town SA

  144. 273
    Annie Tann

    I have been offered a bottle like Gail’s and it is in a brown box no815357. My son collects whisky and I would like to buy it for his collection but I don’t want to offer under the value for it as it is from a friend. Could you help me please.

  145. 275

    Hi there I have a bottle of dimple old blended scotch whiskey with a plastic top bottle coded z897 n5 please can you tell me how old it is and how much it’s worth thank you

  146. 279
    Bill King

    Stuart, A friend gave me an opened Dimple bottle with only a small amout removed. She found it in a kitchen cabinet when it was being refurbished. She believes it belonged to her father many years ago. It has a plastic cap. Label around the top is headed “DUTY FREE FOR EXPORTATION ONLY”, and also has the coat of arms (can’t make out name). A curved Dimple lable on one of the sides has a small number – 12397809 – might this be a serial number that could determine the age of the bottle? Thank you, Bill

  147. 286

    Thanks so much for your informative website. My pinch bottle appears to be stamped on the neck “4-1-89” — so can I take this in the literal sense of being tax stamped on April Fool’s Day 1989? Not sure if that is the import date or some other code. Also mine has a carrying handle (I will post a second photo) — is that common?

  148. 287
    Keith Taylor

    Hi, I have just been given a bottle of Haig 12 year old Dimple for Christmas. It is in a gold coloured box marked Dimple Deluxe Scotch Whiskey, 75cl 40% vol.
    Other markings on the box state 132/140. 50 00212 00111 1. The box lid has a red seal type logo with what looks like two unicorns either side of a shield.
    Can you oblige and send me any information as to how old this whisky may be?

  149. 288
    Mark Harabedian

    We just moved our 87 year old Aunt into a nursing home and found an unopened bottle of Haig & Haig Pinch in her pantry. It has gold foil wrapper, spring cap and only has Markinch on label/box. I can’t locate the coat of arms online so at a loss to know what it might be worth and age. Would you be able to give us a ball park on what it might be worth and where I can sell it?

    • 290
      Natalie Bozek

      Mark Harabedian hey I really like your bottle my grandmother had one when I was growing up do know much about that whisky bottle history and would you be interested in selling it and for how much thanks for your time

  150. 293
    Caroline W

    Hi Stuart, we have a small boxed unopened bottle of Haig which we think is the 1960’s to 1970’s as it has a screw top. The original price is written in pencil on the top – 4/10 which I’m assuming is 4 shillings & 10 pence so likely to be before decimalisation. This bottle belonged to our dear departed aunt but would love to know for sure when it ages from. No amount content on the bottle, Certainly more than the miniature size we have now a days, perhaps a quarter or an eight size? Again something we would love to know. It carries an excellent slogan – don’t be Vague ask for Haig! Many thanks.

  151. 296
    Jens Cutter

    I have this bottle wrapped in Royal Holland Pewter.I think it’s called Royal Decanter. Any idea on its age? Marking on bottom is H7856

  152. 298
    Luis Silva

    Hi Stuart,
    I’m from Portugal and I am trying to find out the age of my two bottles of scotch and also the approximate value for both. Could you help me on that? Thanks in advance. Luís.

  153. 301
    Mike N

    Merry Christmas. My mother in law has a pair of miniatures that were given to her grandparents by a friend. Unsure of the year, but well over 50 years ago. (photo attached) The bottoms are stamped with unique numbers – UCB 11619 and UCB 11621. Very curious as to age. (and value, if any). Thank you.

    • 302
      Mike N

      Not sure if you get a hi-res image and can see that the label reads By Special Appointment to HM The King. But, another label appears to mention Markinch. It’s a spring top with Gold Foil(?). So, I’m confused as to the time frame, based on the clues from the guide above. I have additional photos if needed.

  154. 304
    Gail A

    I am trying to find out the approximate age of this scotch. I can’t find the coat of arms anywhere and the picture of the bottle doesn’t quite match anything that I have found online. Your help would be appreciated. Thanks

  155. 305
    Mike Bridge

    Hi I have a spring cap Gold Label which is at least 30 years old I found it wrapped up in my loft. Could you please provide any information on this i.e. value actual age. I can provide more picture if required. Many thanks

    • 306

      Hi Mike
      I have one of these bottles to. My father won it in a raffle in 1964. A label was put on it not to be opened until 2nd October 1984, I was born in 63. If you find out how old yours is please let me know

  156. 309
    Nancy Land

    I have an old Haig pinch bottle (empty) that is decorated with sterling silver. It is stamped 1925, Mexico on the silver. It has Haig on the bottom in raised glass and A66. Haig’s is stamped in white on the side. The top in dented but the cork is intact as is the silver covering the bottle. What is the value of this bottle and how best can I sell it?

  157. 310
    Clive Green

    Hello Stuart.
    I’ve had this bottle in a cupboard for the last 9 years since it was discovered in a house under restoration. It’s unopened and as can be seen the label is a bit on the tatty side. Being fond of a tipple myself I’ve never been sure that it is still safe to drink.
    As the bottle has haig moulded into its bottom and the fact that it is in fluid ounces I wondered how old it might be and if it is of any value to a collector.

    • 311
      Stuart McNamara

      Hi Clive, As it says Markinch, it’s post 1952. I’m guessing from the Haig and Haig that it was a US import from Haig and Haig who supplied Haig Pinch to the USA. I’m also guessing post 1954 as it says Haig rather than Dimple or Pinch on the bottle stamp. I’d need to see a picture of the bottle to tell you more. Is it safe to drink. If still sealed, it should be, but apply common sense! Kind regards, Stuart

  158. 313

    Got this bootle from my grandmothers pub. It was their when she move in in 1951 . It’s never been opened and label has come off neck. It’s a spring top . Do you have any ideas about it.

  159. 315

    sorry, I hit submit in error.
    I am just looking for any information on this, He probably got this at least 30 maybe 40 years ago if I had to guess.
    Thanks for any information
    Paul from Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada

  160. 316

    Hi, I am hoping that you can help me. My Dad gave me this bottle of Pinch Whiskey. I have tried to research it and can fine similar bottles, but nothing with the exact wording on it. Mine does not say the Proof on it, or the bottle size. As you can see in the picture is says 25 fl Oz.
    Just wonder if you can shed any light on the age of it or any other details.
    As well if does have the wire design around the bottle

  161. 317
    Stuart and Judy Coad

    Hi Stuart after reading through your descriptions we seem to have a rare bottle with both Markinch and Edinburgh. Can you advise us where we may look for a buyer? Thankyou for your very informative articles.
    Stuart and Judy Coad

  162. 318

    Hi there, I’ve had this bottle of Dimple in the cupboard for quite a while now. Used to belong to a friend’s grandpa who’s since passed away. I think it might be from the 70s – it’s a German import, so I don’t know whether that makes any difference? Any idea how much it might be worth? I attach further images below. Cheers!

  163. 321
    Guy Lopes

    Hi Stuart, I wish that I owned a bottle of this fine scotch, but instead I just received a Haig & Haig Pinch wood crate. Wood you know the approximate date range? It is approximately 18″ wide x 15″ deep and 9″ tall. The printing is in good condition on three sides of the crate.

    I have no need for it, but if it is from around the WWII era, I will keep it. If not, I hate to just throw it out. Is there any value to these crates?

    Thank you,

  164. 322
    Sherry Cannon

    I would like to know if you know anything about this – it has the haig label and is very heavy. I am not sure if its some kind of promotional bottle, or a paperweight or real. would love to know.

  165. 326
    Justin Messier

    I had a buddy of mine give me this a few years ago. I’m intrigued by the history behind these bottles, and you are the expert. Any info would be appreciated. I couldn’t figure out how to add multiple pics so I’m going to try and add more following this post. Thank you in advance.

  166. 327
    kathy Hickerson

    I have a bottle of Haigs gold label that only has Markinch on it but it has a spring cap and we are not certain what a dimple is I have included some pictures and would appreciate your help

    • 329
      Stuart McNamara

      Hi Bob,
      Haig and Haig were a US Export focused subsidiary of Haig Whisky in Scotland.

      Haig and Haig was established in 1888 by Mr. John Alicius Haig who was a brother of Hugh Veitch Haig, the first chairman of John Haig and Co. John Haig and Co. was the name given to the Haig Whisky “Family” business after it was floated as a limited company registered in Edinburgh in 1894.
      Haig and Haig developed a sizable export business in the USA until it was bought (along with many other small Scotch whiskey companies by the Distilling Company in 1923 during the big Scotch Whisky consolidation at that time. For more info on this see my article on protecting Irish Whiskey at . The Distillers’ Company then positioned Haig and Haig as a fully owned subsidiary of the Main John Haig and Co in 1925. Unfortunately, the new incarnation of Haig and Haig then remained dormant until 1933 after the introduction of prohibition in the USA. From then on, Haig and Haig regained momentum and continued to market Haig Pinch and Haig Gold Whisky in the USA until the late 1970’s when the Haig Whisky brand fizzled and died after passing from one multinational to another.

    • 331
      Stuart McNamara

      Hi, Unfortunately, the photo is too small and unclear to see some of the detail I require. Can you reply with a better quality pic? (Right way up would help too! ;>)) It looks like a nottle of 5 Starfrom haig and Haig who were a family owned US focussed and based subsidiary of the main Haig Whisky company in Scotland. Kind regards, Stuart

  167. 332

    Good afternoon Stuart, I have recently received a bottle of 12 yo Dimple from a friend who received it from his grand father.
    It has a plastic screw cap, but what triggers me is the label “British Customs Certificate of Origin No. 5” which holds a date of “18/2/74”, does this mean this is a 1974 bottle? Can you help me trying to age this bottle, and give some indication of what this would be worth?
    Thanks, Johan

    • 335
      Stuart McNamara

      Hi Jean Luc, It look like a fairly standard bottle of Haig Pinch so probably worth about $150 to $300. But see my comments elsewhere in this Haig Whisky Blog. Auction Houses may sell it for $300 but the y may only offer you $50 to $100. Kind regards, Stuart

    • 336
      Marlene Hillier

      I have a bottle with box of Haig & Haig Finest Blended Scots Whisky Says Distelled in Scotland and bottled in the united Kingdom under Goverment Supervision . box has purple flowers with a red plaid bow. 100% scots whisky 86.8 proof
      Blended & Bottled by Haig & Haig LTD Edinburgh, Scotland
      Have any idea year and value

  168. 337
    Todd Baran

    I recently deceased relative had in his basement a bottle of Haig Pinch that bears the brands “not for re-sale” and “for U.S. forces only”. It has a gold seal, and was packed in a cardboard box that reads “Haig &Haig”. Was stored with wines dating to 1959. Any idea how this came to be or when?

    • 338
      Stuart McNamara

      Hi Todd, The Gold seal would indicate post 1957. It was probably bought in a US Forces PX Shop. US Forces stationed abroad would have been able to buy Tax Free or Duty Free Spirits at knock down prices. That’s why resale was forbidden. Kind regards, Stuart

  169. 339
    Craig D Johnson

    Liqueur Scots Whisky Help Needed. Have an older bottle of unopened LSW Five Star that has been passed around for a long time. Story I got is that Henry Ford gave it to his dentist as a gift and then worked its way around our family for a while. I would like to know what value this may have and how to possibly get it into the hands of someone who may appreciate it more.

  170. 342
    johan schyberg

    Hi Stuart,
    Thank you for taking your time to help everyone out.
    I recently bought a bottle of Haig’s (in Australia) with very limited info on it. I suspect there has been some label of sorts that must have fallen off.
    Itsa triangular bottle and it just says HAIG’S. Thats it.
    It has a spring cap and it is moulded. Underneath the stamp reads A660 R3 HAIG’S U66.
    Would you have any idea what type og Haig’s it is, age and yout opinion on price?

    Many Thanks


    • 343
      Stuart McNamara

      Hi Johan,
      It looks like a bottle of Haig Dimple minus the paper labels. The Gold spring cap would suggest that it dates from post 1957. The bottle markings are difficult to trace and rarely refer to a year. But I would guess from the design of the painted lettering that it dates from 1957 to the early 1960’s when the spring caps were replaced with metal screw caps

      The approximate sale price of a perfect bottle with box and labels intact as in the photo that I have attached would be in the region of €200 to €250. Auction houses however will generally only offer you 20% to 30% of the final sale price.

      Kind regards,


    • 345
      Stuart McNamara

      Hi, The photo is quite small so in general, It looks like a bottle of Haig Pinch.
      Haig and Haig were an offshoot company of Haig Whisky Scotland who looked after sales of Haig whisky in the USA. Haig Pinch was the US export version of Haig Dimple. Does the bottle have any moldings in the glass referring to Federal Law and Resale?

      Kind regards, Stuart

  171. 346
    Stuart McNamara

    Hi Folks, I know that many of you often ask me to engage in email correspondence about your old bottles of Haig Whisky. You also ask can you email me photos of your old Haig bottles. You may have wondered why I try to keep all correspondence about old Haig bottles here on the site. The reason is that this website is a non commercial hobby site and I have a very busy real life away from here which means I am often traveling abroad and away from home for long periods. It may also explain why I sometimes don’t get to answer all the questions that are asked here. I don’t share my private email address as I would be swamped with requests. If all questions are answered here, it means that every one benefits from the answers and they become a publicly searchable database for old Haig Whisky.
    I am now experimenting with a photo upload feature for the posting of comments on the site. This is just a trial, but we’ll see how it goes! So feel free now to upload one photo per comment! Kind regards, Stuart

  172. 347

    Thank you for your information. There is no white lettering that says pinch on it. It does have a silver almost cone shaped top that holds the cork. The overlay that encases the bottle is very ornate. The design has people and flowers etc. Almost that of Asian decent to me. We’re there other manufacturers of a similar bottle during that time period?


  173. 348
    Colin Stermer

    I have a bottle that says Markinch and Edinburgh on it and a White Foil Cap. It was given to me by my grandfather. Any thoughts on the value?

    • 350
      Stuart McNamara

      Hi Colin, The White Foil would suggest Pre 1957 and not the war years of 1940 to 45 as foil discontinued to save aluminum for the war effort.

      But, as you will see from my Haig Whisky Age Guide above, the only bottles to carry both Edinburgh and Markinch on the labels were those produced by Haig Whisky between 1950 and 1952 which were the transition years as they moved head office from Edinburgh to Markinch. These are now quite rare and collectible bottles of Haig Whisky and can be worth anywhere from £300 to £1,000 and more if you meet the right Haig Whisky collector. Kind regards, Stuart

  174. 351
    Sean Lee

    Born in Kells, Meath, Ireland and Married in NY in 1966. Received a bottle of Haig and Haig from Best man. He claimed got it from his Father who claimed it is pre prohibition. It is 12 year old in a 3 sided bottle with royal seal without any monarch name. Blue shield with a small red devil(?) on top with 2 horses. It has a metal cap with a release and covered with a revenue seal. there is also a beverage stamp on the dimpled bottle. It is contained in a 3 sided cardboard box with the distributor name Somerset Importers ,Madison Av., New York. The picture on the outside of the box appears to show a thin wire encasement with a seal that reads pull. However none appears on the bottle now. The Revenue seal is unbroken but it must have leaked some as it is stained and the bottle is only 80% full
    Next year we will renew our vows on the 50th anniversary of a great marriage and it may be time to break the seal


    • 352
      Stuart McNamara

      Hi Sean, What a great story. Thank you so much for sharing.

      I know Kells well. A great Historical Town.

      The whiskey will not have aged in the bottle so it is still 12 Year old whisky.

      Old whiskey like this should always be stored vertically to avoid seepage.

      Whisky corks are stoppers while wine corks are seals. That’s why Wine is stored on its side and why whisky can seep if laid down on it’s side.

      Is it safe to drink? It should be once it has not been contaminated by external sources.

      Common sense is the name of the game.

      As always, my advice is to drink and enjoy rather than sell.

      Old Haig Whisky Bottles like this may fetch a few hundred dollars but the memories of sharing such a rare whisky on a special family occasion will be priceless.

      And the empty or half empty Haig Whisky bottle will become a much loved family keepsake, all the more so when you add the experience of opening and drinking it to the bottles history.

      Have a great anniversary Sean!

      Kind regards,


  175. 353

    I have a un-opened bottle from my 74 year old father-in-law that was purchased for him by his father for his 21st birthday. He wants to drink some for his 75th. Unless it worth selling he doesn’t really need money but a story to pass down. Gold foil capped. Any idea as to the collector value to pass it on to his grand kids who are 21 now.

    • 354
      Stuart McNamara

      Hi Craig, That all fits in with an approximate date of 1962 as the Gold Foil dates from around 1957 onwards. A rough value for any of these bottles from the 50’s and 60’s is about £250. Kind regards, Stuart

  176. 355

    I have what I believe is a Haig Pinch Bottle from the 30’s. It has a silver overlay that completely encased the bottle. I would like to know more about it and possibly a value. If you would like pictures let me know. Any information would be appreciated.

    Mary Smith

    • 356
      Stuart McNamara

      Hi Mary, these silver overlay decanters were common enough during the 20’s and 30’s. It should also have a sterling silver cork. Despite being sterling silver they usually are worth only £100 -£200. Normally, Dimple or Pinch was printed in large white letters of the face of the bottle. Kind regards, Stuart

  177. 357
    Marlene Skene

    Please can you help. I have a 2l bottle of Haig Whiskey which I know to be between 40 and 60 years old. Seal is unbroken and is taped across the lid of the bottle. The bottle is full. It was bottled by Markinch Scotland and bears Her Majesty’s coat of arms. The bottle has a gold plastic (it appears) screw lid with a 5 star bottle neck label stating that it has a built in pourer. The box is white with red squares printed on and the print letters are black. The packaging also bears Her Majesties coat of arms. The bottle has an indentation for easy grip when pouring. I would really appreciate a valuation on this bottle as I am looking to sell it.

  178. 358
    Ken Seidner

    Hi, like many others, I have a pristine unopened bottle of Pinch passed down from a great grandparent. In trying to track down its age, it did not quite fit the guidelines. It has the Markinch-labeled gold foil spring cap, but the Royal Coat of Arms is displayed with no mention of a reigning king or queen. Instead, there is a statement reading “Distilled in Scotland and Bottled in the United Kingdom under government supervision”. The Coat of Arms has a mostly blue-colored shield, with a white X across the shield. Hopefully this is enough info to help identify the bottle’s approximate age? Thanks much for any help on this. – – – Ken

  179. 360

    Good day from the Antipodes! My father has found his Bottle of “Haig Fine Old Whisky” which he has had in storage for at least 35+ years. It is a standard shaped bottle with a white metal screw cap. In a white box with background yellow-gold coat of arms. Label on bottle is a yellow rectangle with a fine Gold border, and Haig in bold red print.
    Any help on aging this bottle appreciated! Perhaps it is an Australian-specific bottling?

  180. 363
    arther fonz

    hi all,i recently found a calendar that has plastic sides with a maroon front and paper back which displays the day /date/ month and has the words don’t be vague ask for haigh in gold lettering,Is anyone able to provide more information about this calendar , or point me in the right direction,i would have added a photo if that was possible in this section of your website.cheers and thanks in advance Arther

    • 364
      Stuart McNamara

      Hi Arther, The slogan Don’t be vague, Ask for Haig! was first used in 1933 and continued in use until the early 1970’s and the decline of Haig whisky as a leading whisky brand. Kind regards, Stuart

  181. 365
    Tony Ash

    Hi Stuart
    I have just come in possession of a miniature bottle of Haig Dimple with the foil spring cap. On checking the lower label it differs from others in my collection. The difference is the 70°Proof is replace with British European Airways Corporation in small print. Can you shed any light on when these were produced and in what quantities and if they are collectable and of any value ?
    Cheers in anticipation of a reply
    Tony Ash Norfolk UK

    • 366
      Stuart McNamara

      Hi Tony, It’s a miniature whisky that would have been served on a British European Airways (BEA) flight sometime between 1946 and 1974 when BEA and BOAC became part of British Airways . BEA flew mainly to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, while BOAC flew long hall to the US, South America, Asia and Australia etc. The very first Concordes were actually BOAC. BEA flew iconic British aircraft such as the Viscount, BAC 1-11 and the Trident. BEA. They had an unusual battle with Pan Am in the late 60’s on their Berlin route. Pan Am were out gunning BEA with faster Boeing 727 jets which had greatly shortened journey times with drinks and snacks rather than full meals. BEA responded by running more frequent flights on their slower Viscount turbo prop aircraft which had fewer seats, more leg room and full silver service meals. It was the fore runner of the Ryanair model but in reverse! I would guess therefore that your bottle most likely dates from the late 60’s before the introduction of the faster BEA Trident jets to compete with the 727. As a whisky bottle it’s of little value. Probably of more (but I would guess still limited) value to an airline memorabilia collector. I’d reckon a couple of pounds at most. Kind regards, Stuart

  182. 368

    Hey, I was wondering if you could tell me what year and how much this old bottle of Haig Whisky would be valued at. I have got a John Haig fine old scotch whisky with Markinch and Scotland on it. It’s 4.5l on a cradle, the cap is only plastic. It has by appointment to her majesty the queen, purveyors of scotch whiskey and also down the bottom gold metals and decorations. I hope I have given you enough information as I couldn’t find good information on old Haig Whisky anywhere else.

  183. 370
    Bill Ketcham

    Haig & Haig was my Dad’s favorite scotch. He lived to the ripe old age of 92 and I remember going through items in his room with
    my older brother as we determined what to do with what was there and coming across an empty Pinch bottle. I looked for this brand off an on over the years but never finding a bottle, but to be truthful not looking too hard. I believe I saw this brand mentioned in “Whisky Advocate” magazine recently as well. Yesterday I came across a bottle in a new-to-me liquor store. There it was, dusty, all by itself on a top shelf way above eye level. The minute I saw it I claimed it and had the clerk dust it off. I have no idea how old it is. It has the maroon seal at the top with the words “The Dimple Pinch” and the words Diageo with a 1.800 number. Whatever. I enjoyed your information on this website very much. You brought home many fine memories. I will be sure to advise my older brother of my “Find” and at some proper point in time open the bottle with him and share some memories.

    • 371
      Stuart McNamara

      Hi Bill many many thanks for your lovely story. I run this little site in my own spare time and it is stories like yours that justify the time and effort that I put into this Haig Whisky site! If your bottle mentions Diageo, it dates from 1997 on, as that is the year that Diageo was formed. Kind regards, Stuart

  184. 372
    Tron Howard

    I am just trying to get a date on a bottle… I will try to get a picture when I can. It looks like this bottle ( except no red sticker in the dimple. (and not given to a president…) 😛
    I still have the original box.
    The bottle has a spring cap wrapped in a gold foil. The foil is wrapped by a typed label saying “The whisky contained in this bottle is the product of the finest distilleries in Scotland specially selected HAIG & HAIG LTD.” The only other label is the one with the coat of arms. It is a blue shield with a white “X”, framed by upright white horses. Above the shield is a small ribbon with a red animal of some kind above it. There are no mentions of a King or Queen. It is the same image as the coat of arms above the “FIVE STAR” in your Markinch & EdinBurgh circular picture above.
    The left of the label has (separate lines in new quotes) “Contents 26 1/2 ozs” followed by “PINCH” “Finest” “Blended” “Scots Whisky”.
    The right of the label has “Made in Scotland” “Blended and Bottled by” “Haig & Haig Ltd.” “MARKINCH” “SCOTLAND”.
    The bottom of that label says “DISTILLED, BLENDED, AND BOTTLED IN SCOTLAND”
    The bottle has White lettering on the front dimple only, “HAIG & HAIG” above and “PINCH” below.
    The bottom of the bottle has 3 lines of text molded: the first is “14”, then HAIG & HAIG LTD.” then “SCOTLAND”
    A wire mesh surrounds the bottle.

    Any help dating this bottle would be appreciated.
    -Tron Howard

    • 373
      Stuart McNamara

      Hi Tron, The Markinch label will date it as after 1952 and judging from the information you have given, it sounds like a fairly standard bottle of Haig Pinch from the mid 1960’s. These can make £200 – £300 on whisky sales sites. However, the price the original seller makes by selling on these sites is often less than 50% of this. Kind regards, Stuart

  185. 374
    Brian Marshall


    Im from Glenrothes next to Markinch in Fife and I’m aware of the connection with the town, I have just purchased a half US gallon bottle of dimple 12 years old with Markinch on the label it is boxed and has a wire decanter around the bottle….any idea of the value please i presume the whisky must be nearly 50 years old?

    • 375
      Stuart McNamara

      Hi Brian, I seem to remember a similar large bottle going for auction a few years ago. Strangely, my memory is that it was only valued the same as a normal sized bottle of Haig Whisky of similar age – around £200 – £300. Kind regards, Stuart

  186. 376

    Hi Stuart, I have come across an old bottle of Dimple and just wanted to know if you could put a value on it. To help you it is 70% proof 26 2/3 fluid ozs. The Coat of Arms references Queen Elizabeth ll era and only Markinch is mentioned on the label. The bottle remains unopened and is in excellent condition. Thank you in advance for any help you could offer.

    • 377
      Stuart McNamara

      Hi Terry, Great to hear from you. While we don’t value old Haig Whiskey bottles per se, I’m happy to offer an opinion when able. It sounds like a normal bottle of reasonably modern Haig Dimple blended Scotch whisky. Does the label mention a 15 Year age statement? These are typically only making about £50 on whisky sales and auction sites, so don’t order a new Jaguar on the strength of it! They are appreciating steadily as interest is renewed in Old Haig Dimple and Haig Pinch whisky thanks to TV mentions for Haig Whisky and other old Scotch whiskies on American TV shows such as Breaking Bad and Mad Men. The new Haig Club Whisky being plugged by David Beckham is also renewing interest in older Haig Whisky variants. My advice would be to hold onto it for a year or so and see what happens. Kind regards, Stuart
      Stuart McNamara
      Haig Whisky Club

  187. 378
    Adrian Leader

    The label on the neck of the bottle has the word ” markinch ” in capitals at the bottom of the label. Is there a value for this miniature?

    • 379
      Stuart McNamara

      Hi Adrian, Then it is post 1952. I’ve seen these for sale on the likes of Master of Malt and the Whisky Exchange for about £50. However, they may only have paid someone like yourself half of this price as they also have to make a profit when they sell it.

      You could also put it up on ebay etc and see if it catches the attention of a collector. If it was mine, I’d keep it as the value will only go up in time. But unfortunately, it’s unlikely to make you millions! ;>) Hope this helps! Kind regards, Stuart

      General note!

      Hi folks, I receive several hundred questions a month about old Haig Whisky such as the one above from Adrian. As I run our little Haig Whisky Club in my own spare out of office time, I may not always be able or have time to answer every question emailed to me or sent to me using our website contact form. Instead, I’ll try and restrict my answers to queries posted here (like Adrian’s above) by blog guests. I’ll add a note to this effect later at the Haig Whisky Club website contact form. Kind regards, Stuart

  188. 380
    Adrian Leader

    I have a Dimple Haig’s Miniature with a buff colored box. The gold wire is intact. The bottle is unopened. There is a label around the neck, one on the crown and one in a dimple. The label in the dimple and the box show 70% proof. There is a spring top cap. How old is my miniature?

    • 381
      Stuart McNamara

      Hi Adrian, Nice to hear from you! Difficult to say based on just the information you supplied. Have you seen my blog post (above) on old Haig Dimple and Haig Pinch Whiskey? The clues will be in the Royal Coat of Arms which will date it to a monarch’s reign, the colour of the foil cap and whether the label mentions Edinburgh, Markinch or both. Hope this helps! If you like, post a link here to a photo on photo bucket etc.Kind regards, Stuart

  189. 382
    Stuart McNamara

    Hi Joe, I’m guessing without seeing a picture that it’s probably from the mid to late 50’s and depending on condition worth just about $50. Does it have a white foil cap? Kind regards, Stuart

  190. 383
    Joe Meade

    I have inheried 2 qts Bottles Haig & Haig Five Star full qts label has coat of arms and also for us air force. Bottom of bottle shows # A 11. Can you give me an age and possible value? Thank You Joe Meade

  191. 384
    Dave Longo

    My unopened bottle does have a stamp on the bottom, and on the front label it has an 8 digit number. ? Would the number help aging the bottle?

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