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    rohit dayama

    Hi ,
    I have a bottle of Haig Gold with an autograph on the box. Trying to find if it is of any significance. Attached pics. Appreciate if you can help?

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    Julian Hooper

    This unopened bottle has been in my family for years, label on reverse is worn away. would love to know the age of it and what its worth?

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    John Valvardi

    I have a bottle of Haig which according to your guide & comments to others, makes no sense. The bottle says Markinch which would put it after 1952. But it also has By Appointment to King George V which would put it between 1910-1941. On the bottom of the bottle it has a dimple and a ‘2’. The top is white and gold. I’m trying to get an estimated value.

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    W Ryan

    I have thrtee unopen Gold 5 star 86.6 proof “Markinch & Edinburgh, Scotland Haig & Haig seal unbroken ad seial numbers in tact, would like to know te value.

  5. 8

    I have a bottle of Dimple Royal Decanter unopened boxed with history card. Immaculate condition. I bought it for my father approximately 35-40 years ago. Would you be able to advise a selling price for this. Photographs are available on request.

  6. 9

    We have a bottle of John Haig gold label scotch whiskey 1 pint 6fl oz. in our possession. What would this bottle be worth today. Can anyone help us

  7. 10

    We have a bottle of John Haigh gold label 1pint 6fl oz scotch whiskey in our possession for over 50 years. What would this bottle be worth today

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    Joanne Gerhold

    My bottle of Haig & Haig is a gold label. It says it is 8 years old Five Star Has a coat of Arms but I can’t tell you the name on it. Content 4/5 quart 86.8 Proof Liqueur Blended Scots Whiskey 100 percent Scotch Whiskies – Blended and Bottled by Haig & Haig. Limited Edinburgh Scotland – Specially Selected – Product of Scotland Brown Bottle with a metal hinged cap. Has the tax stamp still in tact over the cap. Distilled in Scotland and Bottled in the United Kingdom Under Government Supervision. Sole Distributors for the United States of America – Somerset Importers Ltd. 8 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, N.Y. Tax stamp 36-6728083

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    Craig Shipman

    Hi. I have an unopened bottle of Haig’s blended gold label whisky that is 70 percent proof that I think is from the 1960s. Could you give me an idea on how much it is worth please and where I would take it to sell. Thank you

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    Hi I have a small bottle of haigs blended scotch whisky distilled in markinch scotland, it has a wire top almost impossible to open, 70% proof can anyone tell me what its worth is ?

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    Anthony Hill

    I own an unopened 5 litre bottle of Haig Whisky on a swivel stand. It would be dated around 1972-1973, what would this bottle be worth?

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