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Just because we love Haig Whiskey and Old Haig Whisky in particular doesn’t mean that we don’t like other whiskies too. We are always delighted to hear from anyone promoting new and innovative whiskies and whisky products. If you would like us to review your product at, email Stuart at HaigWhisky.Com.

If you any questions about Haig whiskey I’d love to help and you can get in touch below. Similarly if you’d like me to attend an upcoming whisky event, be it as a guest or speaker, then I’d also love you to get in touch, but do give me at least 6 weeks notice as I also have a busy life outside of my whisky one. But given enough warning, I go where the whisky goes! Thanks!

* Please do not use this contact form for submitting questions on Old Haig Whisky.*

These requests should be registered using the link given (below). We will then contact you via the comments page on that site page with answers or instructions on how to send us photos of your old bottles.

Finally, if you would like me to offer an opinion on your old bottles of Haig Whisky, see Stuart’s Guide to Aging Old Haig Dimple and Haig Pinch WhiskyIf you still have questions on old bottles of Haig Pinch or Haig Dimple whisky, please use the comment form at the end of that blog article rather than this contact form. In that way, the information is shared with everyone as an online Haig Whisky resource. As I run this Haig Whisky Fan site in my spare time, there may occasionally be a small delay of a few days or a week if I am out of office. Remember, I only offer an opinion. The only accurate valuation for these old bottles of Haig Whisky is how much the buyer pays on the day!

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