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An Exclusive Whisky Aficionado owned Online Whisky Shop specialising in Haig Whisky, Haig Dimple Whisky, Haig Club Whisky and Haig Pinch Whisky from the Haig Distillery in Scotland. We also offer a wide range of  rare and premium Scotch Whisky and Irish Whiskey Gifts and Products through our Sister Sites Scotch Whisky Sales.com and Irish Whiskey.com . We are delighted to announce that you can now buy Haig Club Whisky from HaigWhisky.com. at Haig Club Whisky

Haig Whisky .Com have partnered with several respected Scotch Whisky providers to share a very wide range of premium whiskies from Scotland as well as a range of exclusive range of unusual, exclusive and specially selected Whisky gifts all of which you can order online through our online Whisky sales partners, the well known and trusted Whisky Exchange.

Haig Whisky

Haig Whisky.com is a one stop online Whisky shop for Haig Whisky and an exclusive range other fine Scotch and Irish Whiskies. Our favourite brand of Whisky is Haig Whisky from Scotland. John Haig set up the original Haig Whisky Distillery, the Kilbagie distillery in the 18th century, although his family were noted distillers some time before that (His great-great-grandfather was arrested in 1655 for distilling Whisky on a Sunday). His grandson (also called John Haig) founded the Cameronbridge grain distillery in 1824, where the now famous Haig Whisky was first produced making Haig one of the oldest and truest Scotch Whiskies ever produced. General Douglas Haig of WW 1 Fame was a direct descendant, but chose not to follow his father into the Scotch Whisky business. "Don't be vague, ask for Haig" became one of the world's leading advertising slogans in the 20th century and the famous Haig Dimple Whisky bottle has now become a collectors item for Haig Whisky connoisseurs..

An exclusive Scottish and Irish team of Whisky Connoisseurs led by our site owner, Whisky Writer Stuart McNamara has teamed up with World Renowned Online Whisky seller the Whisky Exchange to bring you an exclusive range of Rare and Premium Haig Whiskys as well as our own Exclusive Selection of Rare and Premium Whiskeys (with an ey!) from Ireland and other premium Whiskys from around the world. We have also put together a very special range of exclusive and rare special edition filled Whisky Decanters, Whisky Books and Beautiful Whisky Gifts, many of which will become valued in years to come by discerning Whisky fans and all of which would make ideal Birthday or Christmas Gifts for the Whisky Connoisseur in your life. Check out our latest Scotch Whisky Articles

We regret that we are unable to offer advice and opinions on the value, worth or quality of Old Bottles of Haig Whisky, Scotch Whisky or Irish Whiskey. What many whisky newcomers may not realize is that unlike wine, whisky stops aging once it is bottled from the wooden cask or Whisky barrel.  As even a sealed bottle of whisky may experience minute leakage and evaporation over years of storage, it is true to say that Haig whisky is at its very best on the day it leaves the distillery in it's bottle. Whisky generally only increases in value if it a premium whisky in the first place which is now rare or hard to source due to low remaining stocks.

So, our advice if you find an old bottle of Haig Whisky is to pick a special occasion to drink it with special friends (once you are sure it has not been contaminated) and keep the bottle as an ornament and conversation piece. That's what I have done myself !

Enjoy our Haig Whisky online Scotch Whisky Shopping Site!


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